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                • OPENING HOURS
                • TEL 6247-0156
                • LOCATION
                  A01_03, Chengdu
                • FIND ON MAP
                • SHOP ONLINE
                Gap was founded in 1969 in San Francisco, USA. It is a leading global apparel retailer in the marketplace.

                Gap Outlet represents the value expression of Gap brand. Along with our regular Gap stores and ecommerce channel, Gap provides our customers with different ways to access and participate in our brand.?Gap Outlet aims to attract and excite customers with unexpected, versatile, trend-right looks at an attractive price points. We offer a complete range of collections - from kids and baby products to adult clothing. Gap Outlet styles are designed and produced specifically for the value customer while other brands regard outlet as clearance center.

                Welcome to visit Gap Outlet to for refined, high quality American casual clothing at unbelievable value!
                BRAND OFFERS