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                • OPENING HOURS
                  Winter:1 Nov. - 31 Mar.
                  Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-20:00
                  Weekends & Holidays:
                • TEL 022-59674957
                • LOCATION
                  150, Tianjin
                • FIND ON MAP
                • SHOP ONLINE
                A luxury brand built upon the idea of creating beautifully constructed shoes, Stuart Weitzman’s main objective has always been to merge fashion and function.?For more than 30 years, Stuart Weitzman has been synonymous with expert?craftsmanship and innovative design. Today,?the brand is undergoing?a global multi-category accessories expansion with the goal of designing dynamic shoes, handbags and jewelry for every woman for every occasion.?Stuart Weitzman is a global leader in designer footwear and operates?over 103?retail stores across North America, Europe and Mainland China.??
                BRAND OFFERS